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Pulmonary Vein, Artery and Bronchus in Calf
Description:In the calf, the pulmonary artery and vein are found at opposite sides of the conducting air passage, in this case an intrapulmonary bronchus. Notice that all three structures share the same connective tissue adventitia. The artery gives off smaller branches. The vein receives smaller tributeries. The three structures together form a "three ring circus". This arrangement is different from that found in other species where the pulmonary artery and airway run together ("binocular") while the pulmonary vein travels by itself at this level. PK1606. K4a. H&E. Original mag. 16 x. Pulmonary artery. Pulmonary vein. Intrpulmonary bronchus. Lung. Respiratory System. Calf. Bovine.