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Author: Paul Kwan, Ph.D.
Wall of Bronchiole at Higher Magnification
Description:If you look at the epithelium carefully, you will see that there are three main types of cells present. The ciliated cells have elongate nuclei, pink cytoplasm and a hint of cilia at the apical surfaces. The presence of goblet cells is inferred by occasional grey-blue spots at the surface. Several Clara cells are present on the leftt side of the picture. They are more cuboidal in shape, have round nuclei and clear cytoplasm. There does not seem to be a circular band of smooth muscle cells forming the muscularis mucosae. Question: Is the muscularis mucosae really missing in this specimen? PK1586. S1. Original mag. 100 x. H&E. Clara cells. Bronchiole. Lung. Respiratory System.