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PREV : Low Power Micrograph of Canine Pituitary. NEXT : Canine pituitary gland containing adeno- and neuro-hypophysis.
Author: Paul Kwan, Ph.D.
Herring bodies in the neurohypophysis of a dog.
Description:The nuclei seen in this section of the neurohypophysis belong to the supportive cells. The cell bodies of the unmyelineated neurosecretory cells are located in the hyopthalamus. ADH and oxytocin are sent down the nerves via axonal transport. The secretory products sometimes accumulate at the termination of the fibers and are referred to as Herring bodies. These appear as small "globs" of eosinophilic material. Original mag. 100x. Neurohypophysis. Pituitary. Endocrine System. Dog.