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Author: Paul Kwan, Ph.D.
Terminal Bronchiole, Respiratory Bronchiole, Alveolar Duct
Description:The picture can be divided into three parts. On the right is a portion of a bronchiole with its associated pulmonary artery (two branches). The mucosa is thrown into little folds and the wall is thick and solid. The middle of the picture shows the respiratory bronchiole with the "wall-door-wall-door" arrangements of thick walled portion intespaced with thin-walled alveoli. The left side of the picture shows a portion of an alveoli duct with "doors only" arrangements of alveoli. "Looking backward", the bronchiole is a terminal bronchiole because it immediately precceds a respiratory bronchiole. PK1600. K4. H&E. Original mag. 33x. Terminal Bronchiole. Respiratory Bronchiole. Alveolar duct. Pulmonary artery. Lung. Respiraqtory System. Cat.