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Author: Gary R. Goldstein

1. External Links

1.1. Electromagnetic Wave animation

Electromagnetic Wave Animation Source is linearly oscillating charge. Wave is viewed along only one direction. Click here.

1.2. Single Slit Interference - uncertainty

Single slit interference demo This is interactive. You can vary the slit width just by dragging your mouse along the top of the slit. You can vary the wavelength by pulling the tab on the spectrum. Click here.

1.3. Ripple tank & interference

Website with waves in ripple tank. Go to IV. Diffraction for single slit interference Go to V. Interference for double slit interference.

1.4. Review essay on Lise Meitner

Review essay by Gary R. Goldstein of the book "Lise Meitner and the Dawn of the Nuclear Age", by Patricia Rife. Click here.

1.5. Einstein's Theory of Gravity

General Relativity from Einstein exhibit (2004) Museum of Natural History in New York How space-time is warped by massive objects is illustrated here by clicking on You Bend Space-Time! Click here.

1.6. Wave-particle Duality video

Animation of Captain Quantum demonstrating Wave-Particle Duality, from the film "What the !$##$&%%!! Do We Know?!" .

Note that this is not completely accurate, particularly:

  1. concerning how observation effects the outcome of the double slit experiment on electrons;
  2. the notion of the collapse of the wave function;
  3. even a single slit experiment can show interference.

See the New York Times article by D. Overbye in Course Documents for some correctives.