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Author: Kanchan Ganda, M.D.

1. Neurological

1.1. Stress

  • Do you experience any anxiety when visiting a dentist?
  • Does the sight of blood or a needle bother you?
  • Would you like to be sedated during dental treatment?
  • If the responses are “yes” for the above questions, the patient should receive “stress management” during dental treatment.

1.2. Diabetes

  • Do you experience any tingling numbness in your hands and feet?
    • If yes, has it been progressing upward to your elbows from the tips of your fingers or, from the tips of your toes to your knees? (Glove and stocking-type neuropathy.)
  • Have you ever been scalded by hot water, because you don’t feel the change of water temperature?
  • If the responses are “yes” for either of the two questions, rule out (determine if a condition is present or not) diabetes in both instances.

1.3. Migraine

  • Any history of migraine or facial pain?
  • Is there any nausea or vomiting associated with the headache?
    • This symptomalogy is often associated with migraine.