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Author: David M. Hern, D.M.D.

Dental Laboratory Polishing Protocol

Before polishing any acrylic resin prosthesis or other items using a dental laboratory lathe, the following regulations must be strictly followed:

  1. All items must be disinfected in the dental laboratory before being brought into the laboratory.
  2. A mask, safety glasses, and a lab coat or clinic gown must be worn.
  3. Long and medium hair must be tied back.
  4. Do not wear dangling jewelry or latex gloves.
  5. Use an autoclaved cotton polishing wheel, which as been saturated with tap water.
  6. Place a piece of paper towel in the polishing bin.
  7. Dispense clean pumice into a paper dish, cover the pumice with water and place the dish on the paper towel in the polishing bin. Coarse pumice should be used for initial polishing followed by fine pumice for final polishing.
  8. Turn on the suction and the lathe.
  9. Polish the item carefully using low speed with moderate to high torque or high speed with light torque.
  10. When polishing is complete, dispose of the paper towel, the dish, and the pumice in the rubbish barrel.
  11. Rinse the wheel and place it in the used pumice wheel container. It will be bagged and sent to the central sterilization facility.