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Author: David M. Hern, D.M.D.

Tissue Conditioning

These are resilient materials that will resist normal occlusal stresses but will still allow a massaging action on the denture bearing tissues. This will help them to recover to their optimum health.

Tissue conditioning will not improve:

  • Flabby tissue: will require surgical alteration if its complete removal is deemed necessary
  • Epulis fistulatum: will require extensive reduction of the existing denture immediately. If complete resolution is required than surgery is necessary.
  • Papillary hyperplasia: only electro surgery will remove the condition
  • Candidiasis: requires medication:
    • Rx- Clotrimazole touches,
    • Disp- #70,
    • Sig- dissolve one troche on the tongue q. 5 hours.
      • The denture should also be soaked in a 50-50 a mixture of bleach and water.

      • The dentures should then be thoroughly washed with soap and water and then completely rinsed with clear water.

Tissue conditioning will improve inflamed oral mucosa, which is the result of ill- fitting dentures.

Tissue conditioning material may also be used as a temporary relining material.