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Author: Adil Najam

1. Description

This last class of the semester focuses on bringing together the lessons from the entire course. Each student is asked to prepare a list of the ‘Top Ten’ lessons they would give to a friend who is going into a multilateral negotiation. The discussion in class is then focused on determining a ‘Top Ten’ list of lessons for the class as a whole. This becomes the ‘take home’ messages and lessons from the class for the students in the course.

This class will feature a class roundtable discussion based on the 'Top-Ten' submissions of the students. Students are required to carefully review all the readings and exercises done during the semester to prepare for this roundtable.

2. Ancillary Material

2.1. Readings

2.1.1. Required

  • Fen Osler Hampson. 1999. “Understanding Multilateral Negotiations: Lessons and Conclusions.” Chapter 12 in Multilateral Negotiations. Pages 345-360. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Jeswald W. Salacuse. 2003 “The Art of Deal Diplomacy” Chapter 18 in The Global Negotiator. Pages 267-271. New York: Palgrave-Macmillan.