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Author: Adil Najam

1. Simulation Assignment

Students will participate in an all-day international environmental negotiation role-play exercise. The simulation is likely to be run on a full day on Saturday or Sunday. Participation is absolutely compulsory. Students will be required to write one short memo as part of the exercise. In lieu of this all day session, one regular class session will be cancelled. The assignment is worth 15% of the grade.

1.1. Simulation Exercise Handouts

The general instructions for the simulation exercise lays out the essential background information needed by the players. In addition, each player gets confidential instructions pertaining to her or his country or NGO role. The general instructions include the following:

1.1.1. United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Memorandum Background briefing document for the UNEP Working Group on Managing the Global Use of Organochlorines

This background briefing document provides an explanation of chemicals containing chlorine and their use. It notes that their use has grown exponentially since World War I, but there has been growing concern with associated health impacts in the last decade. The chemical industry opposes the many international groups that have called for a global ban of organochlorines. The document provides the chemical properties of organochlorines, a history of the global use of chlorine, and a summary of the environmental and public health impacts of the chemical, detailing increased incidence of cancer, endocrine disruption, and studies on its impact on wildlife. Recent international regulatory actions are also documented.

1.1.2. Information for All Participants: United Nations Envrionmental Programme (UNEP) Working Group on Managing the Global Use of Organochlorines (provided by the Secretariat)

This scenario document describes the international concern about the impact of organochlorines and the response of the UNEP to it. It sets the scene, summarizes the steps that need to be taken, and explains the purpose of the meeting, that is, to try to initiate an initial discussion on the subject and identify the key issues and options, including the scope of the problem, possible actions, finance, and governing. Biographical sketches of the participants (countries and organizations) are included as well.

2. Additional Information

To learn more about how to obtain simulation exercises, you may go to the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School Resource Center page at