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Author: Adil Najam

1. Research Paper Assignment

40% of grade (10% + 30%).

The final research project for the class has two components. An individual briefing paper (around 800-1000 words), worth 10% of the grade, and a final team-authored research paper (around 30-40 pages), woth 30% of the grade, to be submitted and then to be formally presented before the class. For the purpose of this assignment, students will be divided into teams of 3 or 4 students each (depending on class size). Each team will then choose a particular international multilateral negotiation to analyze.

  1. For the first part of the assignment, individual members will write short individual briefing papers on particular aspects of the negotiation and submit to the instructor as well as to their teammates. These will be graded individually.
  2. For the second part of the assignment, each team will produce a joint larger paper analyzing the multilateral negotiation in question using their framework (or framework component) of choice. They will then present their findings to the rest of the class in a formal presentation, followed by a Q & A session. This part of the assignment will be team-graded.

2. Student Examples

  • Here is a successful example of an individual briefing paper written by a student:

Stopping Internal War: Theoretical Frameworks for Multilateral Negotiations [PDF - 24KB]

  • Here is an example of a successful final research paper written by four students:

An Analysis of the Dayton Negotiations and Peace Accords [PDF - 165 KB]