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Author: Adil Najam

1. Assignments

1.1. General Overview

The format of some of the assignments for this class may be new to some students. These will be explained in greater detail on the first day of class. If, however, you have any questions or need further clarity, at any point in the semester you should feel encouraged and welcome to contact the instructor. Participation in a Negotiation Simulation is mandatory (required). The simulation will be run one day on a weekend and students should plan their calendar accordingly. It is vital that all students are available on the designated weekend date.

1.2. Course long assignments

1.2.1. Reading Review Assignment

During Module I and II, students will be assigned selected readings to review and may be required to make a 3-5 minute informal presentation to the class. Each review should be between 600-800 words long. This assignment is supposed to be a critical review and not a summary of the readings. You should focus more on evaluating the views of the author than on repeating or synopsizing them. A good review will clearly discuss which parts of the author's arguments make the most sense and why, and which are the least convincing and why. Details about who will review which reading and when they are due will be decided during the first class.

10% of grade. Student example

Lewicki and Raiffa[PDF]

1.2.2. Class Diary Assignment

After each class, each student is supposed to submit a one-paragraph "class diary" in which any aspect of the class readings, discussions, or topic may be discussed. These diaries will automatically post to the web via a discussion board. Students should view this as a de facto discussion list for the class. Each student MUST submit a diary on each class before the next meeting.

10% of grade.

1.3. Additional assignments

Please see the Assignments folder to view information about additional assignments linked to specific seminars.