Tufts OpenCourseware
Author: Stanton H. Wolfe

1. Community-based Oral Public Health

1.1. Strategies and Methods

1.1.1. Developing effective sustainable partnerships and collaborations

1.1.2. Conducting community needs assessments

1.1.3. Strategic planning

1.1.4. Grants and leveraging resources

1.1.5. Evaluation and quality assurance

1.1.6. Sustainability

2. Principles and Practices in Oral Public Health

2.1. Social and Behavioral Determinants of Oral Health

2.1.1. Community, Culture and Society

2.1.2. Health Promotion: Raising awareness, understanding, knowledge, and skills

2.1.3. Social Marketing: Changing attitudes and health risk behaviors

2.2. Risk Assessment and Primary Prevention Across the Lifespan