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1. General Instructions

You will be critiquing Coffee Consumption and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Among Middle-aged Finnish Men and Women, published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) on 03/10/2004, pages 1213-1219. This paper is available to you in the Epi-Bio course. As noted in the syllabus, the critique is worth 20% (200 points out of a maximum 1000 points) towards your final course grade.

You must do your own critique; it is not a group project. If you do not understand a clinical concept in the paper, you may discuss it with your small group instructor. Otherwise, the faculty is not permitted to discuss the paper with you.

The critique must be no longer than three pages, double-spaced and # 12 font size. (Please refer to the course introduction in the syllabus regarding the grading of the critique.)

The first portion of your critique should be devoted to internal validity issues. It should at least address the internal validity questions as listed in the small group on Evaluating a Cohort Study. You may also consider other types of biases that could have led to an erroneous study conclusion. If you identify an internal validity concern, you must comment on whether or not it likely resulted in an erroneous study conclusion(s) and if so, would it have over-estimated or under-estimated the study’s conclusion(s). You should clearly state your final opinion of the study’s internal validity.

The second portion of your critique should address external validity issues. For purposes of this critique only, you should comment on potential external validity issues even if you think the study had poor internal validity.